Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This Is Why I Rarely Go Out Shopping Anymore

Went shopping for The Girl's pajamas last night.

Know what I saw passing the girls' section? Training bras by Mary Kate and Ashley that were somewhat padded and had CUTIE in a playful arc across the bra cup spelled out in what looked to be a form of shiny rhinestone type things.

The whole Bratz/barely concealed product placement(no pun intended) has really lit a fire under my ass.

Yeah, I'm irritated. Yeah, I'm a mom.

And yes, I would still be saying these things even if I weren't a mother.
I would never wear this shit if I were that age, my mother would never have let me! Hell- I wouldn't wear some of it now if it were being marketed to me, or even when I was 18.

Hey, I'd rather be called a tomboy with my jeans and push-up bra tank than a slut for wearing a too-short skirt.


  1. Oh, Christ on a just gets worse and worse.

    Was that at Walmart?