Friday, September 15, 2006

So, Pluto Isn't Really A "Planet" Anymore....

This post is a little over due.

Who decides this stuff? A bunch of people in a boardroom gather together one day and say, 'Hey, uh, should we take Pluto off the planet roster?' Better yet, let's lump it in with the Dwarf Planets. 'Cuz, um, they're not really planets anyway, right?

Well, I ran across a post from Astrobarry about the Pluto Downgrade.
He makes a good point (as always) about the relationship between The Planet, 9/11 and Katrina. I mean, this can't all be coincidence.

Those two events are the country's worst disasters in decades. Would you go so far as to say Pluto's Demotion was a(n) (un)conscious attempt at brushing everything so horridly eye-gouging about these events under the carpet?

I mean, who really wants to admit poverty and racism are (still) rampant in America? Not here, in this Great Land, where all are created equal....Yeah...and the Constitution is just a 'piece of paper.'

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