Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Peppermint Obsession

When I was pregnant, and then shortly after The Girl was born, I had this intense, out-of-my-mind craving for peppermint. Particularly peppermint tea.

For weeks I wanted nothing but peppermint tea to drink. As is. No milk. No sugar.

Hell, I probably would have eaten the actual leaves if I hadn’t caught myself and realized-Okay, that’s going a little bit too far. maybe not...

It reminded me of when you hear about pregnant women eating dirt (it actually has a name). I-my body- must have needed the tea somehow.

I couldn’t get enough of the smell. I would go in the kitchen and just sniff the bag of tea leaves (we buy our tea in bulk usually, so it is fresh and loose and very minty), never mind actually making the tea, just like a druggie getting their fix.

There were a couple of times where all I could smell was the aroma of peppermint. It overtook all my senses. Out of all the smells within the house-different herbs and even more potent spices than peppermint itself, among others-it was all I could smell.

It’s amazing how your body communicates its needs through cravings such as these, during pregnancy in particular, and just in general.

Additional info: Properties of Peppermint


  1. With my firstborn, I craved those Starlight peppermints. I had to have them every day. So weird...

  2. Apparently, it has very high vitamin A and C content as well as maganese. It also helps with digestion and morning sickness. So, I guess it's not too surprising (though, it is amazing) that pregnant women crave this stuff.