Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Don't Be Such A Brat!

*Deep Breath*

Alright. Yesterday, I posted about the abominations of Children's Lit Advertising. This morning I got the latest post from IzzyMom in my box. It is along the same lines as what I posted about in the Children's Lit thing, except hers infuriated me even more than product placement.

What- you say- can that be, that which infuriates you so?

I'll tell you. Those frickin' Bratz dolls.

I never liked these in the first place.
They now have 'Baby Bratz' dolls wearing lingerie marketed to 6 year olds. As if the original Bratz dolls weren't bad enough.
6 year olds!
They don't need to be thinking about that shit.
In addition to that, stores are selling padded bras to these girls. Padded Bras!!!! Hello!!

What is wrong with this society that we think it's okay for children and 13 year olds to be so pre-maturely sexualized?
Also, the parents who buy this stuff...stand up to your kids, say no and be the parent, for christ's sake!

Where did this come from and why do we take it in stride?

I don't know what the deal is about parents being afraid to say no to their kids, and letting their children walk all over them. What you end up with is a child with no boundaries. I think that's what it comes down to in most cases. Was that too harsh?...Another post for another day.

Obviously, there will be none of these dolls in my house, and if they do happen to sneak in , they are going straight to the garbage.

Write to Target, write to the Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood
Make some noise about this!

I think IzzyMom really hit the spot with her post.


  1. Thanks for the link. I'm glad other people are as bothered by this as i am.

    Did you ever happen to read my post about the sleazy softporn men's magazines at the grocery store? It's called "Let My Kid be a Kid, Dammit!"

    Th comments were interesting. I got a few with the old "You can't protect them from everything so why bother and if you're a good parent, these things won't have any effect on them anyway" refrain.



  2. Good on ya! I am not taking this trend in stride. No way, no how. If it's not sexualization of our children, it's the drive to make them conspicuous consumers always, always, always worried about their appearance, and with this, of course, come all the issues of low self-esteem. Grrr. I am so very afraid that my girl will have her girlhood stolen from her by all this. Thanks for speaking out.