Wednesday, September 06, 2006

CHBM Prompt: What Is Your Back To School Tradition?

The Girl isn’t in school quite yet-still have a few more years to go. That surely doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about the subject. But, I’m not obsessing about it either. I have weighed the possibility of home schooling against public school in my mind (and aloud at others who would give me a good opinion). Public school isn’t all that great these days, as we have heard through the news: schools are understaffed, kids aren’t reaching their potential, test scores aren’t as high as they should be, etc, etc. Also, do I really want my child in public school if she isn’t learning anything? So many kids are unchallenged by the public school system.

Home schooling gives you more options for learning, that’s for sure. Everyday activities could be counted toward home school learning: cooking, reading Jane Eyre, or taking a hike through the woods. Mothering Magazine has always had great articles and information on the benefits of home schooling and has been an excellent resource in helping me come to my own conclusions about public/home schooling, among other things.

I don’t remember if we had any traditions per se when I was in school. We always went school shopping for clothes and supplies (paper, scissors and pens in those days. Oh, and a calculator. Not half the crap kids need today). It was a planned event (with three kids it was just easier to do it all in one fell swoop), always on a budget, and we were involved whether we liked it or not.

When it comes time for The Girl to start schooling, I hope we will find new traditions and non-traditional traditions to throw into the mix. Aren’t we always schooling in some form or another throughout our lives?

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  1. My son is heading off to kindergarten on Monday. I feel such pressure to make a tradition. My mother always made homemade chocolate chip cookies for me to come home to. She still sends them every September! The whole idea of tradition gives me trepidation. So many books, articles on it. I worry that I am forgetting something. My tradition is love. I just love them the best I can! Love ya everyday, man!