Sunday, May 07, 2006

Get on The Bus (April)

The Vermont Public Transit System, comprised of a couple of shuttle busses, is really nothing to be proud of: it's late half the time, it has no real schedule that they stick to. You know, the saying 'round here is You're on green mountain time, which means I'm just gonna take my own sweet time. But, it does get you from A to B-it might just take a little longer than you expect. I try not to take the bus if I don't have to. But in the event that I do, I make sure that I don't have to be anywhere else that day. After being in West Palm Beach for awhile, I got used to a public transit system that, you know, was on time for the most part and had a set schedule. Coming back here to the Vermont Public Transit System just irritates me.

There is, however, one thing that runs through all public transit systems: there are some interesting people riding, to say the least.

No matter what day I go, there is always somebody on the way back to my destination (wherever that may be) that feels they need to divulge their entire life story to me. You know what, go ahead and talk, but I may not even care. Or, I may just write about it.

Recently, on the way back home (imagine that), I'm standing at the bus stop by Dunkin Donuts waiting for what seems like for-ever. It was hot, and there was no shade. This guy comes up and sits next to me. He's got an old Anthrax shirt on and is covered, literally, from head to toe in an array of tats. He's got tats on his arms, legs, hands, neck, all across his face, even. I'm assuming he had some on his back and chest since the shirt was covering most of the torso. He starts telling me about how he just moved here and is getting his G.E.D. and has a job working at NECI-up-on-the-hill, working double shifts.

I think to myself: yeah. this one is a prize- winna -and it wasn't just because of the tats, it was the whole picture.

He did have a nice watch and cap, though.

NECI let you have a job with all those tats? I ask.

Yeah, it's only dishwashing.

He then begins to tell me he's originally from Oakland, California and came here to Vermont to set up a traveling ministry!!! Oh, yeah-it's what he said! This totally took me by surprise. I thought, no fucking way.

Nobody knew what to think of me, he says, when I first showed up here with my tats, sellin books and clothes out of a tent. They all thought I was crazy!!!

Then, back on the bus, he sits across from me and becomes quiet, not saying a word, his stance there on the bench/seat that of monastic contemplation, and takes out a traveling Bible and starts reading some passage that he had marked to himself.

My stop came up and everybody on the bus got off.

Maybe this guy was for real, or maybe not. You never know who's telling the truth and who's just making shit up.

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