Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Reviews and Services

Do you have a book or product you would like to see reviewed at Writing in the Mountains?

Don’t have time to type up your manuscript?

Are you interested in doing a guest spot on the site?

If interested, please email: krisunderwood (at) gmail (dot) com with either ‘Review’ or ‘Guest Spot’ in the subject line.

Please see specifics on reviews and services below.

I’m open to reviewing most any book, product, magazine, etc. However, I would recommend browsing what has been reviewed and discussed here at the site as well as at Moms Speak Up, a site I contribute to, which discusses safety of toys and food, the environment and much more.

Book Reviews: $60 per review. They run about 500-750 words.

Product Reviews: $60 per review. 500-750 words.

Manuscript Typing: $30/hour or $3.50/page, depending on the project

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