Monday, February 20, 2006


"The Mystery"
MotherVerse, Issue 6, May 2007

"1 a.m., Nearly 2, Late Summer"
"Snippet At 5 Months"

The Whole Mom, March 2007

MomWritersLiteraryMagazine, Winter 06

"All The Birds Say Caw Caw"
Poetry Midwest #17, Fall 2006 (p.38)


Self-Appointed Boyfriend Probation
Crazy Hip Blog Mamas, May 2007

Maybe someday I will meet a nice fellow that’s not into drugs or absolutely, legitimately crazy, but for now, I am perfectly content with being on self-appointed Boyfriend Probation.

Mosaic Minds, December 2006

I can’t remember my dreams worth anything these days. I know I do dream: upon waking I can recall snippets of the night’s dream, until it quickly vanishes completely from my fuzzy brain.

Changing Directions: On Writing and Journaling
The Whole Mom, November 2006

“I write regularly in my journal. I take that back-I used to write regularly in my journal. This past year, I have gone from being a faithful, detailed, everyday journal keeper to writing a sporadic, intermittent mix of half-coherent fragments. When I wrote on a regular basis, I could fill a two hundred page hard-bound journal within a month or less. These days, it takes me a disappointing four months. In the new journal I recently started, I write half sentences, ideas that go nowhere, fragments of events that I wanted to record, all left hanging in mid-sentence.”

A Sleep Issue
The Whole Mom, August 2006

“I thought about carrying around a tape recorder to make little reminders to myself of prose and poetry bits and whatever else pops in my mind for future reference. It is an idea. The batteries are in the tape recorder, all set to go-buried in my desk. Maybe.”


MotherVerse Blog: Mothering Out Loud

Moms Speak Up
Moms Speak Up is collaborative blog of writers from various backgrounds. We’re talking about the environment, dangerous imports, food safety, toy recalls, education, health care and many other topics of concern.

“When Mothers talk, great things happen.”

Review: Getting Stuck WithoutComing Unglued: A Woman’s Guide To Unblocking Creativity, Susan O’Doherty, PhD

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